This product will be available in supermarkets from December 2021. Please see our store finder HERE
Our Custom NUFFIN™ tub is made from Kraft paper. It has a very thin layer of a plant based Polylactic Acid, a bioplastic (plant based, nasty plastic alternative) product that gives it the barrier. Our tub is completely bio-degradable and is commercially compostable. We hear some people have even had success composting the tub in home compost systems and worm farms.
Yes. Our preferred option for disposal of the Tub and Sleeve is to place them into green lid FOGO (Commercial Composting) bin. In the absence of a FOGO bin, the cardboard sleeve can be put into your cardboard recycling bin. The tub has a very thin layer of bio-degradable PLA lining, which some recycling facilities don't have the capacity (or demand) to process correctly yet. So you should check if your local shire can take recycling logo 7 (PLA).
Yes! The tub & film are commercially compostable. If you have a Council supplied green lid bin (FOGO) placing it in there is the preferred option.
Yes, as the product gets towards the end of its shelf life you will notice that it will begin to seep into the join of the tub. This is perfectly ok and proves the product is compostable. Under the right composting conditions, the NUFFIN™ tub will compost within 90 days, unlike traditional oil based plastics which can end up in landfill/water ways/oceans and likely still be there hundreds of years from now.
Yes, we could easily fix that by adding some gums to the product, but it doesn't do the flavour any justice. Just give it a stir and you're away. Don't be fooled! Highly processed uniform food isn't actually normal or natural. NUFFIN™ is better for you.
5 Days. Dare you to try resist temptation for that long.
For now, just email us at shout@nuffin.co with your name, store, & address. And we'll get back to you with next steps.
Please visit our store locator www.nuffin.co/store-locator/ if you still cant find any stores, please reach out to us at shout@nuffin.co
Years and years (22 to be precise) of testing, tasting and testing again. Basically NUFFIN™ is produced in an immaculately clean facility, by some exceedingly clever people, under very strict food safety parameters.
We don't recommend it. It changes the texture a lot. But you're welcome to give it a shot. Up to 3 months and thaw in a fridge and will need a very good stir.
Not formally yet, but keep an eye on this website! Dipping, spreading, dolloping, smearing, splatting, licking, and scooping are all approved uses.